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How to care for your new tattoo. In detail.

Keep your bandage on for a minimum of 6 hours.

For tattoos with a lot of colour, or heavy shading - we recommend leaving the bandage on overnight. 

Do not wear your bandage for more than 24 hours. Do not re-bandage your tattoo, unless instructed by your artist.

WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST (and always before you apply moisturizer)

Take the bandage off, and wash the area with a warm water and mild soap.

Let dry completely, and pat dry with paper towel (no bath towels) if there is any weeping from the tattoo. This step should be done every time you clean your tattoo, as it will minimize the moisture needed to cause scabbing.


After a few days you can apply a non-scented moisturizer like Lubriderm or Aquaphor, twice a day. Only do this when the tattoo is clean, and completely dry.



  • Cover your tattoo with saran wrap or gauze 

  • Use Vaseline to heal your tattoo

  • Use any SPF on your healing tattoo, only after it is healed

  • Use Polysporin type products

  • Use rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer

  • Pick, rub or peel your tattoo

  • Allow clothing to rub against your healing tattoo

  • Swim with, soak or submerge your healing tattoo

  • Tan or expose your healing tattoo to sunlight

  • Expose your healing tattoo to dirt or dust

  • Expose your tattoo to body spray, deodorants, bug sprays or tanning sprays

  • Allow your pets to touch your healing tattoo

  • Share aftercare products! (This is big for balms and containers where cross contamination can happen)

Tattoos take about 2-3 weeks to heal completely, and if you have concerns or questions during the process you can reach out to us HERE and we will lend some advice. We stand by our work and offer free touch-ups for 1 year after the tattoo is complete - but ONLY if you've followed these steps. If it looks like you have healed your tattoo poorly, we may not honour this guaranty.


Second Skin type bandages can be hard for the client to use properly during the aftercare process; we prefer not to use Second Skin. If you need some guidance on changing/ removing second skin - here is a link How to Use Second Skin  


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