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Contact us immediately if you have any concerns about your healing tattoo.

You may wear your bandage for 6-24 hours and must not re-bandage the area after its removal.*

Make sure your hands are clean, and wash your tattoo down with a warm soapy water.

Let the area dry completely, pat dry with a clean towel. 

If the tattoo is "weeping" wait 10 minutes, and gently pat dry again.

Do not apply lotion for the first 24-48 hours

Wash normally and let the tattoo dry completely each time. Always let the tattoo dry before applying lotion.

Lotion may be applied 2-3 times daily for 2 weeks, too much lotion will result in poor healing.

We Recommend: Unscented Lubriderm or A+D ointment, both are available at the studio.

The tattoo may be sore and irritated for the first few days, do not ice the area and do not re-bandage your tattoo.

Wear clean, loose fitting clothing.

When the tattoo begins to flake or lightly scab, limit the amount of lotion you are using.

DO NOT pick or peel your healing tattoo.

DO NOT USE: Lotions with an SPF rating, anti bacterial ointments, diaper rash cream, alcohol, astringent or peroxide.

Sunscreen is NOT safe to apply to a healing tattoo, and direct sunlight should be avoided.



  • Soak your healing tattoo or contaminate it with any water other than water used to clean it.

  • Peel, pick, rub or stress the area in any way.

  • Tan, burn or expose the area to direct sunlight, heat or humidity.

  • Expose your healing tattoo to any dirty or dusty environments


After 2-3 weeks when your tattoo is healed you can resume life as normal.

If you have any questions about your healing tattoo, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


*If you will be in a dirty or dusty environment, cover the area with clean, loose fitting clothing.

Contaminated fluids (grease, mud, oil, blood) that can soak through clothing and reach your tattoo should be avoided.


Most smaller tattoos that can be completed in about an hour or less, are priced at the artist's minimum.

For tattoos that take only a few hours, we can offer a quote based on the piece.

For detailed and large scale work we prefer to quote by the hour, and can offer a slightly better rate for half day and full day bookings. Please keep in mind that booking a half or full day requires you to be there for the entire time that was scheduled for you.

If you're looking to get something cool but don't want to spend a lot of $$$

Check out our "Get What You Get" machine in the lobby or

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