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Do you do piercings?

  We get asked this every day, we don't do piercings at our shop. Spread the word and tell your friends - we are tattoos only. 

Do you tattoo under 18 with parental consent?

  No, we don't tattoo minors and won't tattoo hands, faces or necks under 25 unless you're already heavily tattooed.


Do you do finger tattoos?

  No, we only tattoo the tops of hands and prefer to tattoo full coverage only.

How much do tattoos cost?

  It depends on the design, where it's going on your body, the size of the design, and how much time it will take. Each artist has a different minimum charge and hourly rate which can be found on their portfolio page.

DEPOSITS, what are they for?

  Tattooers spend a lot of time booking and prepping for appointments, and they only get paid if they tattoo. Your deposit is a down payment on that block of time in their appointment book - it shows us that you're committed to the project and take your tattoo seriously.

Deposits are non refundable, but we will transfer them with 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule. You can rebook on the same deposit to a maximum of 3 times.

You will LOSE your full deposit (and your appointment time) if:

  • You miss your appointment

  • You are 15+ minutes late, without notice

  • You come to your appointment: sunburned, hungover or sick

  • You arrive to your appointment with a completely different design in mind


Will you tattoo a design that I already have?

  One of our artists will help you design something custom, but we only duplicate designs intended for that use - like traditional tattoo flash or basic script.

I have an appointment booked, but want my tattoo on a walk-in, can I?

  This is very disruptive to our schedules, and don't do it! We offer walk-ins on Saturdays to not pack our regular schedules with small tattoos, leaving more appointment availability for larger projects. If you make an appointment, make sure you can keep it.


Can I see the artwork before my appointment?

  This answer is always no. Designs are viewable only on the day of the appointment. If your artist has any concerns or questions while they are drawing - they will reach out to you. Before you book an appointment for custom work, make sure the artist you have in mind has a style that fits your vision.

Can I bring a friend with me?

  Yes, you may bring one friend with you, so long as that friend is well behaved.

Can I bring a child with me?

  Of course if it's an emergency, but otherwise no - it is very distracting to the artists and other guests as well as being an inappropriate environment for minors.

Can I swim after a tattoo?

  Please wait 2 weeks. See our aftercare for more info about healing tattoos.

Can I work out after a tattoo?

  Be mindful of your tattoo while it's healing, work outs are usually fine but make sure you wipe down equipment you're sharing, and if your tattoo is painful while healing - skip a day.

What is GWYG and  what is Flash Friday?

   GWYG is Get What You Get, and refers to the gum ball machine in the lobby. It is loaded with pre-drawn designs and is cheaper than our normal minimum cost for tattoos. Flash Friday is almost always the last Friday of the month and is a walk-in day dedicated to pre drawn designs only, or "Tattoo Flash"

How do I book an appointment on the 1st of the month?

   Mir opens her books at 7am on the first of every month, and fills her schedule for the upcoming month. Once that month is booked, her books close again until the next booking day. To book with her, fill out her booking form (preferred) or, send an e-mail or Instagram message EARLY on the first day of the month, along with your availability and what tattoo you're looking to get and she will take it from there. 

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